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Step by Step Guide to EB5 Green Card Application Process (I-526)


Would you like to know more about what is involved in the application process for your EB5 green card visa? Florida Equity and Growth Fund has streamlined the process to make things as fast and efficient as possible.


Step 1: The Decision Process

  • Submit Suitability Questionnaire to Florida Equity and Growth Fund Regional Center.

  • Receive Legal Documents (PPM, Subscription Agreement, Limited Partnership and/or Operating Agreement and Escrow Agreement). 

  • Make Decision to participate in CTP Opportunities Fund. 


Step 2 (Day 1)

  • Sign and return Florida Equity and Growth Fund Regional Center Fee letter and wire transfer Florida Equity and Growth Fund Regional Center Administrative Fee. This starts the official process. 

  • Send via email a copy of Passport & Driver’s License (or other form of ID) to Florida Equity and Growth Fund Regional Center. 

  • Retain Immigration Lawyer acceptable to Florida Equity and Growth Fund Regional Center (we can recommend an experienced lawyer, if necessary.) 


Step 3 (Days 2ā€“14) 

  • Florida Equity and Growth Fund Regional Center will perform an OFAC (U. S. Office of Foreign Asset Control) check through our Matser Escrow Account U.S. Bank and notify client of clearance. 

  • Investor signs 3 originals of the following and delivers a PDF copy via email to Florida Equity and Growth Fund Regional Center & CTP Opportunities Fund: 
    (1) Escrow Joinder (Exhibit A of Master Escrow); 
    (2) Subscription Agreement & Limited Partnership Agreement; 
    Florida Equity and Growth Fund Regional Center, CTP Opportunities Fund and Suntrust Bank will sign and return one original to the client’s attorney for use in the I-526 filing. 

  • Client wire transfers USD $500,000 to Suntrust Bank escrow account (net of any bank fees-this is important because the bank will REJECT the wire if it is not exactly $500,000 or more). 

  • Immigration attorney and Florida Equity and Growth Fund Regional Center prepare I-526 Application and applicant provides Personal information and Source of Funds documentation.

  • I-526 Application is sent to USCIS. 


Step 4 (6-8 Months later) 

  • Receive Notice of Approval from USCIS. Applicant now has an EB ā€“ 5 Visa. 

  • Commence Adjustment of Status; either file Form 485 if currently in the U.S. on another visa, or commence consulate processing in home country. 


Step 5 (2-4 Months later) 

  • Applicant and family members receive Green Card with Conditions by mail. 


Step 6: After Receict of EB5 Green Card (21 Months later)

  • Prepare and File Form I-829, Petition for Removal of Conditions with Attorney and Florida Equity and Growth Fund Regional Center. Florida Equity and Growth Fund Regional Center provides evidence of continuous investment and job creation to USCIS. 


Step 7: Receive Permanent Green Cards for Applicant and Family (4-6 Months after I-829 filing) 

  • Investor is free to sell or borrow against the Investment. 

  • *(Please note, these processing times are based on current USCIS information and could change at any time).

  • If we make the assumption that you will immigrate four months after your embassy interview then we can assume the following:

    It takes approximately 24 months after you have entered the United States before you can file the application for Iā€“829 removal of conditions.

    There is then a period of 21 months.

    It then takes approximately 6 months for the removal of conditions processing. Thus the total time after you have emigrated is approximately 30 months.


Step 8: Citizenship (5 Years After Entering US with your EB5 Green Card)

  • You and your immediate family may apply for your United States citizenship five years after you have entered the United States with your EB5 Green Card.

  • Under the laws related to the EB5 Green Card application program, when you decide to apply for citizenship, you may elect to have dual citizenship.


What's Next?

Please contact us today for a no obligation, no cost consultation to find out more about securing and applying for your EB-5 Visa.


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